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English for Beginner|Elementary Level (A1)

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English language


English Club Global is committed to teaching English online through the application of a ground breaking self-learning approach. Beginner Elementary (A1) shows offer educational material conceived by UK based experts. Each module is designed to ensure that students understand English, learn grammar effortlessly, overcome language barriers and learn precise terms and words.

Students seeking to learn English will consider lessons in English dependent on their existing levels of comprehension. Self-evaluation determines these levels on a test categorized into five distinct levels i.e. Beginner Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced.

Also known as A1, the Beginner level covers four basic modules: listening skills, speaking skills, vocabulary expansion, and grammar. Each level imparts its knowledge as "shows" and "episodes" centering on current affairs and day-to-day interactions in specially designed English video lessons.

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How would you do in English with a level A1?

An English level A1 will be enough for very basic interactions, for example as a visitor in an English speaking country. For other academic or professional purposes a level A1 will not be appropriate.

Those at A1 level in English, in compliance with the official CEFR guidelines:

1.     Will understand and use common daily words and very simple phrases designed to meet practical needs.

2.     May introduce herself and others and ask questions about personal information like where she lives, people she knows and things she has.

3.     Could communicate comfortably with others if the other person speaks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.

A1 English language skills in depth

For teaching purposes the official can-do statements are divided into smaller parts. This more thorough overview of skills will help you determine your own level of English, or help a teacher assess a level of students. A student at level A1 in English , for example, should be able to:

·         Simply present yourself and use the simple salutations.

·         Say where he and others come from, and give his city a simple definition.

·         Clearly speak about your family and colleagues and identify their looks and personalities.

·         Discuss common clothes, and ask salespeople specific questions about it.

·         Think about the favorite foods and make quick take-out orders.

·         Chat about daily things and schedule meetings with colleagues and friends.

·         Describe current weather conditions, and propose weather prediction activities.

·         Speak about his health in general terms and explain the may medical symptoms to a doctor.

·         Describe his home place, and offer clear directions.

·         Chat about his hobbies and interests, and make arrangements with friends or colleagues for enjoyable activities.

·         Full standard hotel transactions, including check-in & check-out.

·         Address consumer goods, make simple transactions and return faulty products.

·         While progress will depend on the type of course and the individual student, students with 60 to 80 hours of instruction should expect to achieve the A1 level in English.

What happens next?

When moving up to an A2 English level, the aim at this stage is to broaden the vocabulary and move up to more complex types of sentences.


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