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IELTS Band 7+ Complete Prep Course

Major Keys to Success

What you’ll learn:

  • Achieve a Band Score 6 or Higher
  • Pass all sections of the IELTS Exam
  • Apply IELTS Strategies and Tactics
  • Schedule an actual IELTS Exam
  • Confidently answer IELTS Reading
  • Successfully overcome IELTS Listening tricks and traps
  • Know what IELTS Examiners want from Speaking test
  • Write IELTS essays with excellence

More Details:

hello everyone and welcome to our IELTS band 7 training complete course so I know you're asking yourself why should I take this course I need to study for the IELTS exam I need to get a high band score so that I'll be able to get university admission or be able to gain citizenship to a particular country so why should I take this particular course well number one is that this course is going to offer you benefits that you probably can't find everywhere else let's take a look at our IELTS training course so you'll have an idea about why you should take this particular course number one we are going to focus on these specific strategies and tactics that you need to be a success for the exam one of the things that I find in terms of problems with the IELTS books are that they just tell students well this is how the exam is structured and then you have to do this part next and then next you have to do the listening part they don't teach you the specific strategies and tactics that you need to be a success and that's something that we're going to do we're going to teach you exactly how to do the exam so that you are well prepared and able to get that very high band score next what are the benefits you're going to receive that's what everyone everyone wants to know well what are what are the benefits I'm going to get from this course well you're going to get exam advice from past graders which is great because most students want to know what do they want from me next you're going to get a mission to our free monthly live session we're going to review your essays and you're going to learn how to jump band scores how do I jump from a seven two and eight how do I go from a five to a 6.5 we're going to show you the secret of how to do that finally well what about my instructor who is this guy who's going to be teaching me well your instructor has 10 years of teaching the IELTS exam and as you can see from this list here I am very very well qualified and able to make sure that you're getting the best instruction possible for the IELTS exam next what are you going to receive from the course what are you going to get from it well you're going to get some great benefits from the instructor myself I'm going to personally lead you in your practice for each section that's right you're going to be able to walk through and I'm going to walk you through step by step how to answer each type of question for the reading each type of question for the listening you're going to learn step by step what to do you'll be able to possibly gain three hours of private practice in one of our contacts contests and also your question is going to be are going to be answered in a very timely manner next University of mission we're going to be able to help you get the score that you need so that you can get university admission that's why you're taking this course for most of you you need a score of six six point five seven point five to be able to get that high score to gain university admission by the end of this course I guarantee you will be familiar with all parts of the IELTS exam you'll have some great tips to help you get a high score and you are going to understand how the exam is assessed that's so important so many students come to me and they want to know how is this exam assessed because if you understand that you'll know how to get a high score on the exam finally once the course structure how are you going to teach me well we're going to first start off each section by going over the strategies and tactics that are needed we're gonna give you the advice through video tutorials so you can actually watch us apply the strategy that's so important so many people will tell you well this is what you're supposed to do but they don't show you how to do it we're going to help yo we're going to apply the strategy for you so that you know how to perform on the actual real exam what what are the requirements to take this course well I need you to have at least an intermediate level of English and I need you to be able to consistently and actively practice practice makes purple so I hope that you're going to become one of my students I look forward to teaching you and I look forward to helping you get that high IELTS 7-band score thanks a lot and I'll see you soon.


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