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Improve your English with TOEFL Speaking Success

TOEFL 200-page book Included in this full TOEFL Speaking Section Guide

What you're doin:

  • Speak English more assuredly
  • Respond to any issue on TOEFL
  • Gain insight into American academic culture
  • Articulate views 45-seconds
  • Improving English fluency by self-assessment
  • Learn how to take clear and concise notes for each task of TOEFL speaking
  • Differentiate between a fixed attitude and development
  • Identify 10 US principles expressed in the exam
  • Build fluency in English by identifying core values

More Details:

welcome to TOEFL speaking success I'm excited you're here I know you're excited maybe a little bit nervous so let me just remind you a little bit about this course and a little bit about what you can expect from here so I'm sure a lot of you are here because you're preparing for the TOEFL exam and you want to improve your speaking and I think a lot of you are also here because you want to improve your English in general and both of you both type of student is going to get a lot from this course now this course is focused on the TOEFL speaking section but I think anybody who's learning English can get a lot of benefit from this course and why so this course is designed for intermediate and advanced English language learners and for a lot of my students they when they they start you know in the beginning they learn a lot and they feel like they're improving and then at the intermediate or advanced level they kind of reach this plateau right here and they kind of level out where they feel like they're not really improving in their English where they feel that no matter how much they study no matter how many words they learn no matter how much more school they pay for that it doesn't really do a lot except keep the level and keep the fluency level one thing that's good about the TOEFL test is that you get a score at the end and unlike other tests there's a speaking section I'm sure a lot of you in the past probably didn't have a speaking section in your English exam and this score so after you take the test you get a score and the score is proof it's something that you can hold that means that you are prepared to go to an American University and what does it mean to be prepared to go to an American University that means you speak like in somebody hit an eighteen-year-old American but an adult and American adults and so even if you're not planning to take the TOEFL you might want to think about it even if you don't need it it's good for resumes it's good for your career it's good for traveling and you have this physical thing to score that's that a lot of people have thought about a lot of educators have made to decide that this is what it means to be fluent in English and if you do well you have this piece of paper to prove it so that's what I like about the TOEFL and that that's one thing that I think a lot of you guys can benefit from and so for me I became interested in the test I don't really like teaching test prep usually in the past now I loved it but in the past I didn't like it that much I love it now because like I said there's a piece of paper at the end there's proof that they've learned something and when I was teaching the TOEFL I realized a lot of the textbooks were very dense and difficult there are a lot of words on the page and very difficult words a lot of academic words and it was it was hard even for me to read it's like a college level textbook and that makes sense because you're supposed to prepare for college but a lot of you are just kind of starting out you know in your English language learning journey and you might not be as prepared for that kind of text I mean for me it was difficult to read some of these TOEFL books and that's why I designed the book the way that I did this book I've made for you this book is for you the person who's studying at home by themselves maybe you can't afford a class or a private tutor you know my private tutoring sessions are pretty expensive I wanted to be able to give a lot of content for a very low price so anybody can take the the speaking section of the test and feel prepared and confident when they take it so this book and if you see this book you what I've made is just totally different than anything else on the market right now and the reason it's different is because I was thinking about the student and about how they I don't know when when I look at a page and it's all writing I shut down but when there's a little bit of white space the letters breathe there might be a picture there's some color for me it's a much better experience for learning in general that's just the kind of textbook I like so I think you're going to really like the book that comes with this course and then make sure you download the book of course that's in the download section of this lecture you can find the the PDF of the book please download that because I'm gonna be referring to it in every lecture every lecture I'm going to talk about the book or some part of the book so be prepared for that and also in the book there are self assessments quizzes there's exercises in the appendix make sure you take advantage of all these materials and use them to your advantage so you can improve and feel yourself improve and before we jump right in I know you're excited I just wanna say one more thing it's gonna be hard it's not probably not that you know I probably not what you want to hear there's no easy way to be fluent you know it takes work it takes effort it takes you thinking deeply about it I have students that come to my class for three hours a day in the TOEFL class and then I tell them they should be studying at least one hour but probably two hours outside of class every day that's five hours of studying every day besides going to class and also doing it at home when I teach you something it's not going to stay with you unless you become involved in it you have to take what I tell you and take what you read in the book and do it yourself and go through the process yourself and set up times for you to study you have to have a schedule for you to be able to succeed on the TOEFL exam and for you to improve your speaking in general and one thing you're gonna have to get used to I'm gonna say it again and again but you're gonna have to get used to recording yourself it's hard for me to get in front of a camera it was hard for me hearing my voice for the first time I thought my voice was very deep you know in my mind my voice sounds like very cool and very deep but it's very very high but it's higher than I thought it was and so that was kind of hard and I still have trouble getting used to the sound of my own voice but I got used to it and I'm also studying Japanese right now as well and I need to record myself so I can hear myself what I hear when I'm speaking in the moment and what I hear when I record myself that are two very different things so make sure you do that make sure you're involved and I'm excited I'm excited that you're here I hope you are too and let's get to it.


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