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The Complete English Grammar Course – from A1 to C1 level

Master English grammar – all in one English grammar course + FCE and CAE transformations from beginner to advanced user

What you're doing:

  • You will speak confidentially
  • In English you will master all grammar structures
  • You should get fluent in the language
  • You’ll be ready for a certificate course (B2 level)
  • You will have performed many key word sentence transformations of FCE and CAE
  • You should learn a whole lot of useful phrasal verbs

More Details:

hello I'm really excited to meet you here the first of its kind complete English grammar course we will cover everything starting from a1 going to c1 level it doesn't matter how good your grammar now is as far as you are ready to improve it this is your course there are more than 19 hours on-demand video presentations waiting for you here you will find everything starting from the very basics and the verb to be going step by step through various exercises additional explanations and examples the course is structured in a way to make you think better to make you feel more confident to make you believe that you can speak and you can speak correctly the whole course is divided into several levels starting from a1 going to c1 as you advance you will notice how fast your grammar is improving you will see how to the end you will have already mastered most of the structures that you have considered difficult so far apart from the 19 hours on demand video there are a lot of other resources that will help you throughout your studies after each lecture you will find additional PDF with extra exercises explained throughout the video these my advanced please do them in advance do them in advance and after that let's check everything together going with me step-by-step and following the instructions guarantees you Rilla success at the end what else as extra materials I have prepared two additional card cards that will help you improve really better so here you may see for example a stack of cards with IRRI gives each card consists of the three forms three example sentences as well as their transcriptions easy to use easy to memorize also there are flash cards from verbs with their prepositions it's quite easier to remember these grammar structures when they are divided and grouped up to their prepositions once you finish the on-demand video training you will find some extra exercises there are two now ten assignments attached as well as to practice tests and one quiz all these are of course to get better of Deezer to be expanded everything depends on your wish so when you find a difficult structure when you feel that you need more practice please just give me a hint and I will make an extra exercise for you you will find it attached after the lesson in which you commented that you need for the training what are you waiting for I can't wait but see you as a member of our complete English grammar course from a1 to c1 let's get started now I still have water you let in so logically you will stearic a filter the Jeon Lena Lena STEMI revelation Mazzini.


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