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The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition)

Learn Node.js by using Node, Express, MongoDB, Jest and more to build real world applications!

What you're learning:

  • Fully refilmed to 3rd edition
  • Create, test and launch Apps for Nodes
  • Build Web Servers and APIs in Express
  • Store your Mongoose and MongoDB data
  • Use cutting edge JavaScript ES6 / ES7
  • Deploy your Node Software to allow
  • Create Web Apps in real time with SocketIO


  • A device to install applications on (Windows, MacOS, or Linux)
  • A simple JavaScript understanding (variables, functions, objects, arrays, if statements)

More Details:

you're just following along but it's really important in order to understand what a new feature does now when it comes to building up your problem-solving abilities the monkey-see monkey-do approach doesn't work that's why in this class I've included over 100 unique challenges requiring you to solve problems on your own using what's been covered in the course so I'll set up the problem telling you what I'd like you to do I'll give you some time to go off and do it then together we'll work through the solution it's really important that you do both of these follow along with the lessons and give the challenges an honest try if that's going to make sure that when you're done the class you actually have these skills and experience to go off and build applications on your own all right let's go ahead and talk about how you can get help should you need it we're about to spend a lot of time together learning something new and it's likely that at some point in the class you're gonna need a little help maybe you're running the program we've been creating together and you're getting different results or maybe you try to run the program and it completely crashes printing some sort of cryptic error message regardless of what's going wrong the course Q&A is your place to ask questions and get help all that we ask is you provide as much information about your problem so we can help get you unstuck and back on track quickly this includes a zip of your project code screenshots of errors or results that you weren't expecting and a description of whatexactly you were doing when the problem occurred now throughout the class I'll also beteaching you how to debug your node.js applications and read those error messages but the course Q&A is always there should you need it.


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