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The Complete Web Developer in 2020: Zero to Mastery

Learn to code and become a Web Developer in 2020 with HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Node.js, Machine Learning & more!

What you’ll learn

  • Skills that will allow you to apply for jobs like: Web Developer, Software Developer, Front End Developer, Javascript Developer, and Full Stack Developer
  • Learn modern technologies that are ACTUALLY being used behind tech companies in 2020
  • Build 10+ real world Web Development projects you can show off
  • Build a professional Portfolio Website
  • Learn best practices to write clean, performant, and bug free code
  • Master modern Web Development fundamentals as well as advanced topics
  • Work as a freelance Web Developer
  • Master beginner and advanced JavaScript topics
  • Learn React + Redux to build rich front end applications
  • Build your own full stack websites and applications
  • Build a complex image recognition app using everything we learn in the course
  • Become a professional Web Developer and get hired
  • Use NodeJS to write server-side JavaScript
  • Learn to implement user authentication
  • Use Express, SQL and PostgreSQL to create fullstack applications that scale
  • Master fundamental concepts in Web Development


  • A computer (Windows/Mac/Linux). That’s it!
  • No previous coding experience is needed
  • All tools and software used in this course will be free
  • Prepare to learn real life skills and build real web apps that will get you hired!

More details:

welcome to the complete web developer zero to mastery the only course you need to become a full stack developer get hired and start your new career.

what course to follow who do you listen to should you do a bootcamp, everyone tells you their course is the one and well I'm gonna do the same thing whoa but before you leave let me tell you why this is different the thing is most courses are outdated teaching you less valuable skills like jQuery or PHP or they talk about how web development is so easy you just create a bunch of apps with pretty colors it looks impressive to a beginner, but when you go to an interview at a company they will find out who is a quality developer and who just copied some code from an online course with pretty colors and then we have other courses that just don't cover the full spectrum of technologies that you actually need to become a well-respected programmer they only cover the easy things because the easy things are easy to teach now in this course we won't be taking any shortcuts but we won't be wasting our time on skills that are outdated either it's all about efficiency. if you value your time everything in here is directly related to you, can do as a developer to jump start or grow into your career you're going to learn real skills that are in demand right now, and used by some of the biggest firms like Google Amazon Facebook and Netflix will go from understanding how the internet works to building a final project together where we build an image recognition app by creating the front-end with HTML CSS JavaScript and react a server with node and Express and a secure database using Postgres all built from scratch by ourselves and releasing it to production online. don't worry you'll learn what all of these meet I guarantee you no other course building complex app like this this project on your portfolio will employers this isn't just pretty colors my friends now along the way we will build other projects together that you can put on your portfolio to impress your future employers. three hours into this course you will create a startup landing page that is actually on the internet we even build a personal

portfolio to put your projects on now. when you enroll you'll get light on access to hundreds of HD videos as well as exercises and portfolio projects.

you'll get access to our online community that has thousands of developers chatting every day helping each other out and doing monthly coding challenges to help you get through the course I'm proud to say that we have the most active developer community.

remember nobody is born a developer we all started at zero nobody is good at anything at first there was a time when Steve Jobs Jeff Bezos or even Bill Gates couldn't count 2:10 you will struggle you will make mistakes.

learn more and more each time making your brain just a little bit smarter and I guarantee you that I will help you get there whoever you are wherever in the world.


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