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7 Warning Signs Your Kidneys Send You



The kidneys, located on either side of your lower back, are the body's two most important organs. They are responsible for filtering the blood and removing the body's waste materials, which are important to our body's proper functioning. Our kidneys tend to function less with age, but often this may also occur due to some underlying health conditions. While the only way to tell if your kidneys are working properly is to get tested, if you suffer from any kidney issues, some clinical signs may also indicate.

High blood pressure

The kidneys and blood vessels are related closely to each other. This basically means that the kidneys will be adversely affected by high blood pressure. The blood vessels in the kidneys are weakened by high blood pressure, which decreases their ability to function properly. When they stretch to permit easy blood flow, the blood vessels get scarred and weak. This scarring occurs in the entire body's blood vessels, including those in the kidneys. They can stop removing waste and extra fluid from the body until the blood vessels of the kidneys are damaged. High blood pressure, as per the American Heart Association, is the second most common cause among individuals for kidney failure.

Frequent urination or less urination

 It may be a symptom of an underlying kidney condition if you feel the need to urinate more frequently than not. The removal of contaminants and excess water from the body through the urinary tract is the responsibility of the kidneys. It can improve the urge to urinate when the kidney filters are impaired. Similarly, it may be a symptom of urinary tract obstruction or kidney stone to urinate a few times a day.

Concentration issue and weakness

 According to a study conducted by Temple University, it may be a symptom of reduced kidney functionality if you witness any symptoms such as diminished global cognitive capacity or have difficulty memorizing anything. A drop in kidney function can cause toxins and impurities to build up in the blood. This can make you feel tired, sluggish and you can find it hard to focus as well. Worse still, kidney failure can also contribute to the accumulation of toxins in the brain which can cause serious confusion. It's safest, therefore, to see a doctor.

Lower back pain and muscle cramps

 It might mean that your kidneys are hurting if you are continuously feeling pain in your lower back, usually on the sides. Generally, such types of pain are caused by urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and injuries. Other than this, electrolyte imbalances such as low levels of calcium can cause muscle cramping in the body.

Swollen hands and legs

You should have your kidneys checked by a doctor if your feet and legs are always swollen. Disturbance in kidney function can contribute to the accumulation in sodium in the body that should have been transferred through the urinary tract in general. In your hands and legs, sodium retention is responsible for swelling.

Blood in your urine

 When removing waste from the blood, healthy kidneys often avoid blood cells from flowing out. These blood cells start to leak out into the urine when the kidneys are damaged. Tumors, kidney stones or an infection may also be the product of blood in the urine.

Trouble in sleeping

If your kidneys do not adequately flush out toxins from the body, your sweet sleep can also be interrupted. Sleep apnea is more prominent in people with chronic kidney disease.

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