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Best abdominal fat reduction exercise-20 minutes of yoga workout


Would you like to hear about the right workout to remove belly fat?
Not alone are you.
I wish I could lose my belly fat as quickly as I can lose my keys, my mind and my mobile phones!
It's hilarious, but it's real.
With our sedentary everyday life, it's so hard to shed the belly fat-sitting all day in front of the screen, walking around to get meals without getting out of the car, cuddling after dinner on the sofa swiping around on Netflix to enjoy your spare time.

If you get older, the growing distribution of mid-life belly fat would be harder to resist.
Our growing belly fat and more rounded body are all added to the slow metabolism, the busy life packed with family and children, jobs and deadlines, the sugar laden coffee drinks and tasty treats around the corner.
What is the most powerful workout for losing belly fat?
To remain well, we all know we need to be more involved. But not all workouts are the same in terms of minimizing belly fat.
Yoga practice is the one workout in which I stick and helped me not only to strengthen my overall strength, stamina, but also to keep my belly FLAT, among all the workouts I tried when I tried to lose my belly fat and maintain a flat tummy.

Certainly, there are other workouts to lose belly fat.
But no matter which workouts you pick, you've got to regularly practice on it.
It's the fastest and most effective way for me to just take out my yoga mat and do a fast 10-20 minute yoga workout to rejuvenate and keep me active.
If yoga is your jam, I'd like to share with you this 20 minute yoga workout.
I agree it's the best workout you can do to shed belly fat anytime you need to, and whenever you want.
Are you prepared to give a blow to your stubborn belly fat?
Let's dive inside!

  • What are the positions for losing belly fat used in this yoga exercise?

All workouts are not made equal.
And not all yoga poses have the same effect on the burning of fat.
To lose belly fat, let me show the yoga poses used in this yoga workout.

  • Pose No. 1 Lose Belly Fat Yoga, Upward Facing Dog
BENEFIT:This pose provides the belly muscle group with a strong stretch, increases the supply of blood and strengthens the abdominal organs. As a result, the stored, excess belly fat may be burnt by doing so daily.

HOW TO do this:
Lay flat on your belly on the concrete.
The tops of the legs and thighs and the pubis are tightly pushed into the floor.
Straighten the arms to raise the chest off the floor on an inhalation, aim to go to the height at which you can retain a connection to your legs through your pubis.
Start straightening your arms for a longer stretch as you lift your thighs and knees off the ground, press your hands and the tops of your feet, and raise your eyes into the stars.

  • Lose belly fat yoga pose No. 2 – PLank


BENEFITS: Improves the sound of the deltoids, includes the whole abdominal wall to burn fat for fatigue of the belly fat.
HOW TO do this:
Begin with lying, face down, on your mat.
Place your wrists, fingers pointed upward, under your shoulders. Straightened wings.
Inhale, lift your body with your arms and thighs, wrists under your elbows and wrist creases parallel to your mat's front line, grounding all your toes.

As you spread your back, exhale, attempt to force the floor higher, tuck in your belly, stretch your head out, use the heart to straighten your body from your heels into a flatt line from the crown as I demonstrate above.
For a few breaths, keep it here. Place yourself down on the floor and rest.

  • Pose No. 3 of Lose Belly Fat Yoga-Bridge

BENEFITS: The lungs, thyroid glands, and abdominal organs may be activated by this posture. To change your belly fat to fab, practicing Bridge pose will develop belly muscle.

HOW TO do this:
Lay down with arms at your sides on your stomach, palms down.
Place your feet flat on the floor by bending your knees. Hold the feet away from the width of the hip, parallel to each other, and as close as possible to the buttocks.
Push your upper arms and feet into the concrete, inhale, and start pushing your hips toward the ceiling. Without breaking position, raise your hips as high as you can. Firm the tailbone in the direction of the pubis and shift the pubis gently toward the abdomen.
Roll your shoulders under your body and back. Clamp your hands and stretch your arms under your pelvis to the surface.

Straighten your arms, pushing your forearms into the mat as far as possible. Pull your knuckles up to your heels.
Keep for a few breaths in this place.
Drop your hip down to the mat to relieve it, release your hands to your arms, and relax.

  • Advanced Drop belly fat yoga pose – Wheel Pose

BENEFITS: The extended Bridge pose variant is the wheel pose. It also activates the abdominal organs and thyroid glands, including Bridge pose, which facilitates digestion and helps control metabolism.

  • Pose No. 5 Lose Belly Fat Yoga-Boat Pose


BENEFITS: Boats face deep challenges to the flexors of the belly, back, and hip, creating power and steadiness at the mid-section of the body.
It activates the abdominal organs, which enhances digestion, like the kidneys and intestines.
Better digestion tends to transfer trapped waste into the digestive tract, thereby reducing belly fat.

HOW TO do this:
Seated on the mat with the legs bent and feet down.
Hold your spine straight, gently lean back and increase the charge, put your shins to the floor in parallel.
Push your lower back, raise your chest, extend your arms out, in line with your elbows, your palms facing each other.
From your pubic bone to your sternum, lengthen the front of your torso. Firm and smooth in the lower abdomen.
Keep your breathing quick, fast, and steady.
Stay for five breaths in a posture.
Exhale as you drop your legs in order to free them.

  • Pose No. 6 of Lose Belly Fat Yoga-Breath of Fire

BENEFITS: This special breathing practice will rapidly and efficiently get the blood flowing through the body, having a detoxifying effect.
The abdominal muscles are exercised by the breath of fire, tightening the abdominal wall, shaking up the excess body fat, and allowing you to shed belly fat.
Lose fat belly yoga pose - fire air

HOW TO do this:
Sit up flat, straight back.
Breathe in softly into your belly, with your nose.
Exhale by drawing your belly in to force the air out. Inhalation may occur naturally.
Start to speed up the pace as you find your groove.
Breathing for 20 seconds, at least.
In between this breathing method, take a few smooth, slow breaths.

  • Losing the pose of belly yoga No. 7-Corpse pose

BENEFITS: This posture of deep relaxation is very important and is frequently neglected.
It would seem convenient, just lying there and doing nothing.
Yet it takes even more practice and patience to truly dedicate your energy to the current moment. Not only can it release the emotional clutter, but it will also surrender the body right here and right now.
It helps the body to absorb the data and energy acquired from previous poses of yoga and breathing exercises, you can have more peace of mind and increased consciousness.

HOW TO do this:
Sit flat on your stomach, with a straight leg and arms on your backs. Let the legs drop open.
Your eyes close. Respire naturally.
Work your mind up to the crown of your head from your knees, deliberately freeing every part of the body, organ, and cell.
Deep into the sockets, let the eyes drop. Through your body and mind, bring harmony and quiet.
Stay for 2 minutes or as long as you like in the pose.
Sign up for my free yoga pose lessons to dig straight into the key yoga poses you can find and perform again and again if you want to learn more individual yoga pose break down.

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