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Important Signs Your Body Is Asking For Help


The human body and mind are immense powers that amaze science and culture constantly. Therefore, we have no choice but to hold an open mind as to what can be done by man.
The human brain springs to mind as we think about intelligence—and rightly so. This, though, temporarily sells the remainder of our anatomy, in a way. The irony is that our bodies are amazingly smart as well.
How the body responds to internal stimulus is one way such intelligence manifests. We have an innate propensity to 'see' that something is wrong, considering the millions of mechanisms that take place inside the body at any given moment.

So, the relevant thing to raise is, how well do we pay heed to emotions like that? The easy explanation is that others are rather attuned to body cues, while some are neglectful on the borderline.
As a result, because of our reluctance or failure to grasp the body's effort to interact, we can safely postulate that human wellbeing has become even more complex, costly, and invasive.
That takes us to the focus of today's article: signs that the body sends that may imply a desire for help; if this help involves medical attention, improvements in lifestyle, or a need to re-evaluate one's way of life.

Why is this meaningful? Well, for several reasons, but one of the most important ones may be the avoidance of sickness or disease. To effectively discourage, and ultimately avoid, health problems that endanger our lives, we must pay due attention to what, how, and when our body interacts with us.
We present signs without further ado that the body might be signalling for assistance. Unsurprisingly, as will be discussed below, all of these symptoms revolve around food patterns.

  • 1. Dry skin constant

Sometimes, dry skin is awkward and annoying. If we do not eat enough vitamins, particularly vitamin E, in our everyday meals, our largest organ, skin can crack, itch and scale. Try to add more fish, nuts and essential oils to the diet to relieve any of these effects.

  • 2. Hair and/or nail Brittleness

Brittle hair or nails commonly signify a lack in nutrients or vitamins, similar to dry skin. Low calcium and/or vitamin B levels may cause these regions to crack, dry, and scale. One or more of the following is the solution: whole-grain bread, whole beans, milk, legumes, or potatoes.

  • 3. Increased preference for sodium or salty foods or intake

Most minerals have a salty composition; thus, it is also an indicator that extra mineral enrichment is required when the body craves salt-laden foods (e.g. potato chips, peanuts, dried meat, etc.). Also, craving salty foods can be an indication that somewhere in the body there is inflammation or an infection.

  • 4. Increased appetite or ingestion of sugary foods

The impulse to consume more sugar usually suggests a lack of good dieting, comparable to other cravings on this page. Aside from this, there are also options to combat these cravings: drink lots of water, consume fresh and leafy vegetables, and/or eat better and more regularly.

  • 5. Increased preference for raw foods or intake

Raw foods can suggest any imbalance within the gastrointestinal or digestive system (e.g. sushi, sashimi, cheese). The explanation: raw foods are effective in alleviating painful symptoms like gastroenteritis or cramping. New and leafy vegetables, as well as fruits, complement these ingredients.

  • 6. Increased appetite for fish or consumption

The concern here can be twofold; there is either a lack of nutrients or minerals (most definitely protein), or there is a shortage of iodine of some sort. A safe culinary alternative is fish, in many ways. However, to fend off those cravings and balance your diet, make sure to include fresh cuts of meat or poultry, or some kind of replacement for vegans/vegetarians.

  • 7. Of psoriasis

The appearance of scaling or psoriasis on the arms or elbows is suggestive of deficient vitamins and/or minerals, close to other manifestations of dry skin. Popular culprits are vitamins A and C. Try to incorporate foods such as apricots, carrots, or oranges with this in mind.

  • 8. Poor Sleep or Insomnia, Cramping

These three are also the most troubling of all symptoms. Many of these ailments may be alleviated by magnesium, a proven neuronal activity regulator, and potassium, an essential nutrient for brain, heart and muscle health.

These physical and psychological effects can be suppressed or removed by foods like green and leafy vegetables, almonds, nuts, apricots, plums, bananas, and many others.
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  • 9. Bleeding from the gums or mouth

Mouth or gum bleeding also happens due to a lack of vitamin C. It is still important, however, to ensure the proper application of oral treatment. There are many sources of vitamin C: fruits (especially oranges), veggies and garlic.

  • Oh. 10. An increased appetite for food and/or drinks that are sour

Hormonal shifts (in pregnant women, for example) may contribute to the desire for more sour foods or beverages. In addition, the additives in sour foods activate the liver and gall bladder, likely suggesting an issue with either or both of them.

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