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Signs that the kidneys are not properly functioning


We have indicators for you today that might suggest that you have kidney damage or even chronic kidney disease, so this article is about those who are not sure whether they have kidney damage, so please everyone understands that just because you might have one or more of these symptoms does not mean that you have kidney damage, there are a variety of health conditions that can cause these symptoms so only the main ones are relevant.

  • 1. Pain in the Chest

This is because your kidneys do not keep up with your body's fluid elimination and fluid will build up around your heart, putting pressure and causing some chest pain.

  • 2.Shortness of respiration

This is all caused by the build-up of fluid in your body and now it starts to accumulate in your lungs because an anemia makes it very possible for you to get out of breath with just the least amount of exercise, and when I say minor activity only standing up from a chair and walking around the room could cause you to get out of breath.

  • 3. Swelling of the thighs and feet of the hands

This is all due to the kidneys not keeping up with the amount of fluid in your body because what's going to happen that fluid and sodium can build up because it's going to pool in your hands they're going to start swelling up look like you're stung by something the whole hand swells up the lower legs the knees and feet because they're going to swell up a ton.
To help your kidneys clear this fluid, you can take some diuretics but this is a vital one not to hide the problem to make sure your lower legs are swollen if you have fluid retention hand your ankles your feet call your doctor let them know

  • 4. Tiredness and overall fatigue

This is caused by your red blood cells' loss, because when your red blood cell count is down they don't get oxygen in your body and you're going to have this exhaustion, now the distinction between fatigue and simply being exhausted is that you can go to bed when you're tired or you can have a nap and get up and you have your energy for fatigue.
Itchy skin 

  • 5.Dry itchy skin

This is also caused by an excess in phosphorus minerals. It is necessary to drink lots of water to keep your skin safe, but do not cover it if you have dry itchy skin.

  • 6. Poor breath in the mouth and a chemical taste

This is activated by the concentration of waste products and toxins such as uremia in the blood and that flavor and poor breath is an overdose of ammonia.
Some individuals may describe your breath as fishy smelling and the distinction between this and really just bad breath you know halitosis is that you can't brush this away you may brush and brush the scent is not going away the smell it's not going away and your taste everything's just going to have the metallic taste and you're just not going to want to eat as often.

  • Sleeping problems. .Trouble

This is all triggered by a buildup of chemicals in your blood and usually what happens is when you go to bed you're exhausted and you can fall asleep, but you're wide awake for a brief period of time can be just an hour and a half and you can stay there for hours and not fall asleep again.
It makes it very difficult to keep up with the pressures of the work and everyday life. To help our body heal, we all need a great night's sleep and it gives us the stamina we need to get through the next day.

  • Headache 8.Frequent Headache

You will get a headache for no reason again due to the deposition of chemicals and waste in your blood and you will want to reach for medication that does not reach for non-steroid anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil ibuprofen Motrin, you can skip those that you can try Tylenol, but if the headaches are for no reason and it comes back regularly, that's a warning you have to mention to your doctor.

  • 9. Back pain along with vomiting and urinating regularly at high temperatures

This is caused by swelling in the kidneys and you're starting to fill your kidneys, it's right beneath your rib cage in the lower section of your back, one kidney on either hand they swell up allowing the fever to rise which are more likely to cause you to start vomiting now you can move and rest, but the pain just doesn't go down.

  • 10.Puffy Eyes

This is an early indicator of kidney injury, because if you drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of sleep, it's caused by your kidneys leaking protein, but your eyes are all puffed up in the morning.
11. High blood pressure, difficult to control,
Your kidneys have a direct effect on your blood pressure because what usually happens is that when your kidneys are weakened, the blood pressure will raise and blood pressure will spike, adding further harm to your kidneys, raising your blood pressure further, it's a bad bad spiral only going down, so if your blood pressure is hard to control, take a blood test and check your kidney function.

  • 12. Improvements in the way you urinate

That might be anything as easy as changing the colour or scent frequency, often patients with kidney damage will note a color change usually it starts to be a little rustier or tea like it is caused by blood in your urine and often there could be a lot of blood, plus your urine might be foamy so typically when you pee there are bubbles that are very very very regular foa

So there are our 12 indicators that may indicate that if you have some of these symptoms, speak to the doctor about it and ask them if there are other drugs or any health symptoms that you have that may cause it or do you need to do some tests or check your kidney function
Be proactive much of the time before you show a lot of symptoms, doctors do not check for kidney injury because you might even be in the very early stages of kidney failure where minor improvements in diet and lifestyle will help dramatically slow down or even reverse the loss of kidney function and you want to detect that as early as possible.

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